What Is Music Super Market?
Music Super Market is an online marketplace for artists. Designed to help and support bands and artists during the Covid pandemic (and beyond), aiming to put more of fans’ money into the pockets of those whose music is being sold.

Sign up, set up a shop and start listing digital downloadable albums, CDs, Vinyl, Cassette Tapes, and as much merchandise as you have available free of charge. All the money fans pay goes direct to you instantly, there is no commission, no fees, no catch at all.

How Can Music Super Market Help Your Band?
In comparision to the likes of Bandcamp and Big Cartel, Music Super Market is one of the most competitive marketplaces online. We do not charge any commission to bands (unlike Bandcamp’s 10-15% per item fee) and we are not charging for subscription (unlike Big Cartels £20-50 a month fee). That means no fees at all!

Who Are We?
The Music Super Market team are musicians and music fans from around the globe. The team have worked behind the scenes on festivals large and small, performed on stages at Glastonbury, involved in radio for over 10 years and band management too. Members of the team also specialise in brand development, marketing, website design and lead generation.

What’s the Catch?
There is no catch at all. Set up a free account, sell products with no fees and no subscription cost. Its that simple.